Zen Shiatsu: Meridian Therapy

A Japanese massage in which the body is gently stretched while stationary pressure is applied at specific point to harmonize the flow of vital energy throughout the body, thereby maximizing its natural healing power.

Zen Shiatsu draws on the traditions of japanese massage, Chinese philosophy and medicine, Western psychology, and Hatha Yoga to provide a holistic experience involving mind, body, and spirit. These traditions emphasize natural healing based on balancing life energies.

Receivers can expect increased vitality and flexibility, a sense of relaxation, greater resistance to stress and disease and a refreshed outlook on life.


  • A session generally last 75 minutes, but you should allow yourself another 15 minutes to rest and discuss your session.
  • Treatments are done on a futon on the floor.
  • It is best to wear loose, light, comfortable cotton clothing without zippers, buttons, buckles or belts.
  • It is best not to have eaten for two hours prior to your treatment. Frequency of treatment depends on your state of health. For healthy clients, once a month is sufficient.